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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Trampers are fantastic, says Keith, a regular visitor to Cobden Farm BnB.

He came with his wife and two friends earlier this month - and just two weeks after he'd had knee replacement surgery.

He hired a Tramper at Beacon Fell Country Park, so he could have a good long walk with them... and says:

"I must say that despite my reservations, the Tramper was fantastic. It allowed me to bounce over tree roots and drainage curbs with ease. But most surprising was its capability to climb and descent incredibly steep hills - 1:3 ish - with no hint of effort, yet under total control."

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Monday, August 12, 2013

Our young hens - Warrens, Bluebells, White Stars, Light Sussex, Speckledy, Blacktail - pose for the camera. 
They can roam round the pond. Hopefully safe from Mr Fox.

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Meet Goldie, our new young Buff Orpington hen. Her even shyer sister, Georgia, is hiding somewhere.

Peeping in the background is Sid, the Silkie cockerel. His two Silkie girlfriends are hiding too...

He may be very small, but he's the boss.

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It's been a good summer for hatching baby swallows...

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Spring and summer...

From this:

to this:

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