Cobden Farm Bed and Breakfast

Access Statement 2012



Cobden Farm Bed and Breakfast is approximately 0.5 mile from its junction with Whalley Road, Sabden, almost opposite Lamb Row.

The best post code to head for is BB7 9DX. Our official post code (BB7 9ED) is half a mile away from us!

The farm road turning is signposted.

Full directions to the farm can be posted, emailed, or given verbally.

Guests can contact us on 01282 776285 or 07989 401595 at any time during their journey to confirm directions.


There is ample parking area in front of the farmhouse. Guests can choose their own spot.


From the parking area, there is a 6” step at the garden gate onto a concreted entrance path leading to the farmhouse front door. There is an outside light and two patio lights. 
There is a shallow 1” step-up at this front door which leads into a small porch with two windows. There is a light in this porch which is always on when guests arrive or leave during the morning / evening / night.

A coir mat is at the next doorway which leads into the main reception porch. There is a shallow 1” step down into this main porch.

There is a light in this main porch that is kept on until everyone has gone to bed.

There is a table to the left of this main porch that contains information about the local area for visitors.

Off this porch, guests use two (out of four) solid wood doors with traditional ‘sneck’ handles .

As you enter the big porch area, the door to the immediate left opens into the carpeted sitting room which guests walk through to the breakfast conservatory, which has a wooden floor.


There is a coir mat at the doorway into the sitting room.

As guests enter the sitting room, there is a stone fireplace and a hearth extending to their right.

A sofa is in front of them to their left.

There is a clear way to the breakfast conservatory, though of course, guests may stay in the sitting room to chat to the us.

The sitting room is approximately 21’ square. It is fully carpeted andf has furniture and chairs. It is our main family room.

There are double doors with small toughened glass panels opening outwards from the sitting room into the conservatory. These doors are always open when guests enter for breakfast.

The breakfast table is an extending square-to-rectangle table (made by my great grandfather).

Seating is on stand chairs with covered leather removable seats.

The table has a protector mat covered by a table cloth. Table mats are set out on a table cloth.

The conservatory has wall and lamp lighting.

A central heating radiator is attached to the wall.

There is supplementary electric heating via an electric oil filled panel radiator.

Conservatory windows are double glazed.

Conservatory plants, two armchairs and a table, displaying maps, walking books, local information, bird books, magazines etc are to the left of the conservatory entrance and to the side of the eating area.


The door leading upstairs opens into the porch to access the stairs which are carpeted.

There is a right hand handrail, supported by wrought ironwork, leading up the 15 stairs.

At the top of the 13th tread is a levelling out leading to the right to the 14th and 15th treads and the first floor landing.

As the hand rail finishes, there is a newel post attached to a first floor banister rail attached to wrought ironwork.

The wrought iron gate at the top of the 15th tread can be used to secure off the first floor landing.

There are Georgian-style floor to ceiling windows at both ends of the landing.

The window at the top of the stairs is at landing level and is protected by wrought ironwork.

The window facing south at the opposite end of the landing has a window ledge and a 4’ deep knee-high chest in front of it. The landing light is kept on throughout the night.


Wireless broadband internet is available in both guest bedrooms. Guests may also access the internet via our laptop if requested. The password to access wi-fi is: heritage (all in lower case)

Information about Cobden Farm Bed and Breakfast can be made available in larger text.

Alternatively, our website can be accessed at


You can pick and mix from our big menu each day of your stay with us. A printed out menu is left on your bed daily so that you can pre-order your breakfast – and let us know what time you'd like breakfast.

Vegetarians and people with special dietary needs are catered for, but we appreciate prior notice at booking.

We recycle as much as possible and food waste is miniscule…our hens and dogs make sure of this! Even your old menu sheets are recycled as scrap paper for our grandchildren to draw on/scribble on/make paper aeroplanes from.


There is always fresh milk in your rooms which each has a mini cooler. This can be turned off if you wish.


As required under Environmental Health legislation, our spring water supply to the taps in your room is treated by a Uv (ultra violet) filter and pre filtration, supplied and fitted by Springhill Water Services.

The water from the shower in the double-bed room is not treated, although the shower water supply from the twin-bed room is.


To meet current legislation, the whole farmhouse has an interlinked heat and smoke alarm which is tested regularly. Fire safety instructions are behind your bedroom door.

Handheld fire extinguishers for emergencies are on the landing near the bedroom at the top of the stairs, and in the main porch downstairs by the Welsh dresser.


The twin-bed room is accessed through an outer door, which is lockable from the inside or outside and is at the top of the stairs. A small hallway has a door off it to the en-suite, and another door into the bedroom. Neither has a lock.

 A wall switch by the door into the bedroom turns on the hall light and the bedroom light. A pull switch between the twin beds turns off both.

It has two 3’ wide pine slatted beds with firm, deep Silentnight mattresses. The beds are approximately 1’6” apart and have a small bedside table between them. A DAB clock radio is on the table. The lead is not connected to the radio, but is plugged in. Corner shelves above each bed have touch-control bedside lamps.

The room is fully carpeted and approximately 12’ square, and includes a fitted wardrobe with shelves. On the shelves are a hairdryer, extension lead, first aid and sewing kits, hot water bottles, spare blankets.

Information packs, magazines, registration forms and other items including fresh flowers are on the ledge of the window that looks north west across to the lower end of Pendle Hill.

Refreshment making facilities, including a kettle, mini cooler, tray with biscuits, a tin of various fruit teas, Fair Trade tea, Fair Trade coffee and Fair Trade chocolate, china cups and glasses, are on the chest of drawers (made by another great grandfather) at the foot of the twin beds.

Above is a double shelf with the television and CD/DVD player. (Also a pair of wine glasses). Remote controls are labelled. A 'magic eye' for the remotes helps cuts stand-by electricity consumption. Electric sockets for these electrical goods are behind the television.

There are two double electric sockets above the chest of drawers.

Next to this chest of drawers is a padded chair, without arms, and a waste basket underneath it.

A small armchair with a cushion is in the corner of the wardrobe next to a small French polished occasional table with a lamp, pens, and chocolates.

An electric panel heater provides supplementary heating to the central heating when require.

The en-suite bathroom has a bath with an overhead, adjustable electric shower and a glass shower panel attached to the wall. There is a rubber non slip mat for use in the bath/shower.

There is an electric towel radiator attached to the wall on which are appropriate towels for guests.

Above the wash hand basin is a mirror attached to the wall, and above the mirror is an electric shaver point with light, operated by a pull switch. A soap dish and a toothbrush holder are attached to the wall by the basin.

The bathroom has an extractor fan which automatically switches on when the light is turned on. A pull switch can disable this function. The overhead main light is fluorescent.

There is a glass shelf, with a chrome surround, attached to the wall above the eco-flush lavatory. On this shelf are items for guests to use.

There are also items for guests to use on a small shelf at the back of the lavatory.

A toilet brush and plunger, plus additional toilet rolls are beside the lavatory.

The floor is tiled.

The double-bed room is second on the left on the landing, and on the same side at the twin-bed room. It is fully carpeted.

This is accessed through an outer door, lockable only from the inside. A small hallway leads to a lockable doorway into the en-suite, and a separate lockable doorway to the bedroom.

A wall switch through the outer door turns on the hallway light. A wall light on the wall into the bedroom turns on the overhead bedroom light. A pull switch over the bed will turn this off.

The double-bed room is approximately 12’ square with a window that faces south, and looks out of the front of the farmhouse. Fresh flowers, information packs and magazines are kept on the window ledge.

The standard 4’6” double bed is set in an alcove, flanked by a wardrobe on one side and shelving on the other – both behind doors.

Above each corner of the bed is a small shelf on which are bedside lamps plugged into double sockets. A DAB clock radio is on one of the shelves.

The flat screen television and a CD/DVD player are on wall shelves. The remote control is kept on the shelves. A 'magic eye' for the remotes helps cuts stand-by electricity consumption.

The fitted dressing table is under a large round wall mirror. The mini cooler for fresh milk is on the floor under the dressing table and can be disconnected if required.

Refreshment making facilities, including a kettle, mini cooler, tray with biscuits, a tin of various fruit teas, Fair Trade tea, Fair Trade coffee and Fair Trade chocolate, china cups and glasses, are on the dressing table, along with registration forms, pens, chocolates and tissues. A padded armchair is beside the dressing table. An electric panel heater is against the wall for supplementary heating.

A small occasional table is in front of the window, and an armchair with cushion is next to the dressing table as you enter the room.

The en-suite bath room is approximately 6’ square. It has a rounded, corner walk in shower with complementary shower, shampoo, and a back scrubbing brush.

Shelves in the alcove above the lavatory have various items including small plastic bags for sanitary and nappy waste and cotton wool balls.

There is a toilet brush and plunger, plus spare toilet rolls, all beside the lavatory. There is a wooden slatted non-slip stand for use after a shower. A bath mat can be placed over it.

The main bath towels are kept on the heated towel rail near the lavatory.

The wash hand basin has a glass shelf above it, with sides, and on it are various toiletries. The taps are standard twist and turn.

There is a shaver point on the wall by the wash hand basin.

The floor is laminated.